BASP is an independent law firm that assists businesses in relation to every aspect of their activity, with the direct involvement of the partners who offer to the client their experience and specific technical knowledge.

With a solution oriented approach, BASP offers an overall assistance to the client, tailor made to their specific needs, always maintaining its independent thinking.


Commercial law

  • assistance to entrepreneurs and companies for any profile of corporate and commercial law relating to ordinary operations and commercial agreements;
  • corporate transactions (incorporations, shareholders’ agreements);
  • M&A operations, including the necessary due diligence activities;
  • finance operations, also in relation to the company’s indebtedness;
  • law of associations, committees and foundations;
  • assistance to the foreign entrepreneur who intends to operate or set up a company in Italy;
  • assistance to the Italian entrepreneur in the process of internationalization of his company (BASP, also for this purpose, is part of a network of primary-standing international law firms)
  • assistance to investment funds (including foreign ones) operating in the Italian market.

Bankruptcy law and corporate turnarounds

  • assistance to the entrepreneur facing a business crisis and/or a corporate turnaround;
  • assistance to banks in evaluating, from a legal point of view, the position of its commercial customers;
  • assistance to banks or debtors, both in competitive procedures and out of court, on every aspect of the debt analysis and possible turnarounds, including through structured finance mechanisms and corporate transactions;
  • assistance to the entrepreneur in his dealings with business partners and/or customers and/or suppliers in a state of financial crisis;
  • assistance to insolvency trustees on appointment by the court (lawsuits against directors and auditors, clawback actions, legal defense on appeal), or direct appointment as insolvency trustees.

Sport Law and related issues

  • assistance to clubs and single sportsman with specific reference to sport law in soccer, volley, golf, sailing, cycling, marathons and running;
  • assistance to sports federations and leagues in relation to their organisation and to every commercial aspect of their activity, also with reference to NFT, media rights and sponsorships;
  • assistance to the owners of clubs for every legal aspect of the acquisition and of the ongoing business.

Real estate

  • assistance to the entrepreneur (company and/or investment fund) in the analysis, negotiation and completion of the real estate transaction;
  • assistance in relation to all phases both ordinary and extraordinary of the operation, also in relation to the hotel sector;
  • assistance to the entrepreneur in the management of real estates, both as ordinary business (lease agreements, facility management) and as extraordinary business (development, redevelopment, sales and acquisitions).
  • Drafting of real estate agreements (sale, lease, sales of shares, corporate contribution to funds, rent to buy, tenders, M&A and lease of business branches);
  • servicing agreements (advisory, property management, facility management, agency);
  • retail expansion;
  • hotel management, sale and lease of business branches, be they hotel chains, individual structures, seasonal residences, agricultural estates;
  • acquisition, disposal, enhancement and management of individual assets and property portfolios;
  • construction of commercial and industrial centres and logistics facilities;
  • general advice and legal opinions;
  • due diligence.

Commercial, bankruptcy and banking litigation

  • assistance to the industrial, commercial or banking company in relation to civil, commercial, bankruptcy and banking litigation;
  • legal defense of banks and/or funds against lawsuits brought by insolvency trustees (clawback and/or liability), clients or debtors;
  • assistance to banks in dealing with their debtors’ insolvency proceedings;
  • corporate, bankruptcy and commercial litigation, including between the company’s shareholders and between them and the company itself;

As an example of this, the litigation in question includes legal defense in the following cases:

  • liability actions for abusive lending and/or joint liability with auditors and directors in the causation and/or exacerbation of the company’s default;
  • liability actions for the infringement of inter alia anti-money laundering legislation, relating to credit transactions;
  • clawback actions, both within bankruptcy proceedings and as ordinary actions, of payments, deeds and warranties;
  • invalidity and/or unjust enrichment actions relating to swaps and transactions on bank accounts;
  • lawsuits regarding obligations issued by Sovereign States;
  • appeals under Art. 98 of Bankruptcy Law and claims under Art. 26 of Bankruptcy Law;
  • insolvency and/or corporate lawsuits against directors and auditors of the bank or the company for breach of fiduciary duties and/or compensation related to alleged wrongdoings (also as a civil claim within criminal proceedings or as the result of an investigation by supervisory boards or administrative authorities).

Art Law

  • assistance to museums and/or entities in relation to the sale of art works;
  • assistance to the owners of art works and/or possible buyers in relation to:
      • legal aspects of art-work enhancement (verification of attribution and determination of the legal regime the asset is amenable to);
      • liaise with the museum system and with Soprintendenza;
      • negotiation and legal drafting for their sale, including through international auction houses;
      • activities relating to tax benefits with reference to artistic and historical heritage;
      • the lending system and the circulation of art works in general;
      • insurance profiles.


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